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Women Poets Collective

The Women Poets Collective was formed in 2015 by Christine Stewart-Nuñez, poet and Professor of English at South Dakota State University. Christine was working on a poetry manuscript and wanted feedback, but she was pregnant with her second son and couldn't travel to conferences or workshops. So she gathered a group of women poets who she believed (1) would be generous and supportive but critical reviewers (2) had work in progress for which they would also want feedback; and (3) were available. 

The WPC now meets annually to workshop each others' recent projects, and to give a public reading of their work. Six manuscripts workshopped at the annual WPC gatherings have since been published. In addition, the WPC gives occasional readings by invitation.

For information about inviting WPC for readings, contact Christine at Christine.Stewart@sdstate.edu

WPC Members:

Christine Stewart-Nuñez - author website

Barbara Duffeyauthor website

Heidi Czerwiecauthor website

Lindy ObachNorth of Zenith

Darla Biel - "After I Married My (Now) Ex-Husband"

Pen PearsonBloomsbury's Late Rose: A Novel

Jeanne Emmonsauthor interview

Erika Saunders - "All a-winter-ling"

Lysbeth Benkert-Rasmussen - # girl stuff

Norma Wilson - author website

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