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Reviews & Recognition

First Place, Ó Bhéal Five Words International Poetry Competition, Cork, Ireland for the poem "Caught", judge Maurice Riordan:

“...‘Caught’ I found irresistible on many readings. It is a beautifully achieved poem. It has a toned perfection both of voice and stanzaic muscle. The repetitive use of the imperative provides an efficient little engine to propel the poem through our world of danger and damage, resonating at times with perennial fears, elsewhere suggesting recent circumstances. And then, almost unnoticed, ‘forget’ mutates into ‘forgotten’. How smart is that! Never I suspect has ‘silk’, that last word, been used in the context of such forlorn constraint.”

Sundress Academy The Wardrobe's Best Dressed:

The Wardrobe's Best Dressed




Review of The Book of Crooked Prayer, by poet Angela Dribben. Up the Staircase Quarterly #53, May 2021.




"Relic" (first published in Stirring: A Literary Collection from Sundress Publications) South Dakota State Poetry Society: "Poets You Should Know"



Review of The Sea is My Ugly Twin by poet Jeanne Emmons, in the 2019 issue of The Briar Cliff Review. Can a book review be as poetic as the poems it reviews? Yes. Yes it can.



Review of Triple Goddess exhibit by Brenda Johnson:

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